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The Unicorn Bath

A Comprehensive Bath & Body Recipe Book - With over 130 recipes for the peronsonal care industry.  Come  check out our fun book.

I have been in the bath and body industry long enough to have enjoyed the help of soap people.  The book is a compilation of my knowledge and that of the facebook group members, at  We all worked together to bring you this recipe book full of inspiratio.   I hope you enjoy the book.  We sure had a lot of fun compiling it.  

Sneak Peak At Pages In The Unicorn Bath Book

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Our Story

I'm a passionate advocate for bath and body products. I've worked with many makers, who helped me to achieve sucess. Through my experiences, I've learned that sharing that knowledge and expertise with others who are seeking a start in the bath and body industry is a lot of fun. It is my turn to give back.  This book is for you!  Hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Anne K, Canada

Honestly best book I’ve seen so far in our field.

Christa J, LA

I just took a look at your book and I love it! It’s awesome and the photos are absolutely amazing!! You did a wonderful job compiling all the recipes and photos!

Tracey J,

New South Wales

I think it’s frikken awesome!!! I’m going through the pages and can’t wait to try so many of them!
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