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Best downloaded to a computer, not phone.

Hello Fellow Creator,

Thank you for qualifyiing for a FREE BOOK.  The Unicorn Bath, I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.  This is a compilation of recipes from many creators, all are members of our Facebook group, Bath Divas.  The members all help each other succeed.  They wished to help you succeed by sharing their recipes in this book. 
There are links in the book to take you to Bath Divas, where there are some how to videos.  Some recipes you just need a visual on sometimes.  These are all live videos, not edited at all.  In each video, the members or I are making actual inventory to sell. We take you along with our batch creations, to help you see how to make the products, not to be movie stars.  There are more video tutorials in the media tab in the group. 
You are welcome to join us in the group if you do not already belong.,  We will help everyone.  No question is ignored.  We all feel sharing with each other, we all become more successful. 
Thank you again for purchasing my book.  Your download link is below.  It is that easy to get the book.
Thank you,
Cherie Szilvagyi

Best downloaded to a computer, not phone.

My Story

I'm a passionate advocate for bath and body products. I've worked with many makers, who helped me to achieve beautiful results in products. Through my experiences, I've learned that sharing that knowledge and expertise with others who are seeking a start in the bath and body industry is a lot of fun. It is my turn to give back.


On facebook we have a group called BathDivas. We are a team of dedicated makers who believe in helping each other to achieve success. Everyone gives such inspiration to each other. We do a lot of how to videos, inspiration photos and encourage and support each other in our journey learning our craft.


This book is a collaborate effort of all those great makers from Bath Divas. Feel free to join us, we love seeing inspiration photos and new ideas.  

Cherie Szilvagyi

Contact Me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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