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Live Video tonight on how to make the Bomb Shooters

Tonight at 5PM EST we are going LIVE in the Bath Divas group. You can find the LIVE video at 5PM by refreshing the browser while in the www.facebook/groups/BathDivas group. Sometimes the video will just pop up but normally you need to refresh the page to see the video.

The picture is showing soap shooters but we will be making the Rock Hard Bath Bomb recipe and the 2 ingredient now 5 ingredient frosting into shooters tonight. I will have soap shooters ready and show how I label these cute little soaps.

I will be using 3 oz shot glasses from Amazon. This is the link to the ones that I am using. They do not have a lip on them but the cups with lips would work also.

On the tops of these soap shooters I have M&P embeds of the unicorn horns and ears. I use molds that I got on Amazon. This is the link to those molds to make the Unicorn horn and ears. Rather reasonable in price at $11.99.

On these Bomb Shooters tonight I will be using some Lego men that I got from Brenda Collins and some slim charms that I got from Amazon. They have a lot of different slime and shoe charms available and kids love to collect them. There are lots of different designs available but some of my favorites are at Amazon. Just enter slime charms in the search.

Come join us and have some fun. If you aren't subscribed to our website then fill in your email to be subscribed. We send out sale coupons and lots of interesting tidbits as we have fun together.

Thanks, Cherie

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