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Your label templates are delivered in software that you can use to change fonts, words, spacing, colors, add a logo.  This software allows you to make the labels your own.  You can add your address, change scent names, do any changes as many times as you wish. Your lable template will never expire.  You may use these labels as long as you wish.

Label Template for Eco Tablets Packaging

  • These are the instructions to get your label templates for the Eco Tablet that I have created.

    There are three different types of label templates in the file. 

    Label template #1 is a label for the foaming soap bottles. 

    Label template #2 is a front label for your tablet packaging. 

    Label template #3 is the back label for your packaging. Label templates #2 and #3 have the correct information blanks on them to do a two-label packaging for a front and a back label. 

    The label template #4 is a cigar band type label and can be adjusted to move over the back panel so you can center the back panel. 

    The label template #5 is a label that has the space to print this label to your printer and create the whole package for an eco tablet.  The label prints to the paper and you can make two of the paper bags with a 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.




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