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2 Ingredient Now 5 Ingredient Bubble Frosting

Video of me making the frosting.

In the first video link, I used Arm & Hammer baking soda. Look at how long the frosting too to go from the ball stage to the buttercream phase. I highly recommend using off brand baking soda rather than Arm & Hammer.

This video is using off brand baking soda and really shows you the stages the frosting goes through. 250 grams of Baking Soda 43 grams Coco Betaine 8 grams of Cream of Tarter 20 grams Corn Starch 20 grams melted cocoa butter

This recipe works best when you measure all ingredients exactly. Add all ingredients to the mixer. Mix with an electric mixer, scraping down the sides well. I use the paddle on my mixer.

Some climates with higher humidity will add a bit less cocoa butter. Just add until your frosting looks like butter cream frosting. Proceed to the piping stage. Dont over whip once the frosting goes to the frosting stage. This adds more air due to the bubbles and your frosting will not be as hard.. If you get impatient, you can add a tish more coco betaine but the frosting will not be as hard. Happy Piping 📷📷:) This frosting pipes like a dream. Hardens very hard overnight. BUT remember, the inside of the frosting still needs to dry really well. I let mine sit out 4 days before putting in the packaging. That middle stays wet longer than the outside does. The frosting is rock hard and stays that way for me. If you live in a very humid climate, use a dry box to dry the bomb/frosting. A dry box is easy to make. Take a plastic container and add about a half an inch of rice, yeah plain old cheap rice, to the bottom of the container. Cover with paper towel or wax paper. Put your bombs/frosting in the box to dry with the lid snapped on tight. That rice just sucks the moisture out of the bombs. Keeps the humidity off the bombs. When dry, wrap in a good packaging that keeps out moisture. Tip - I make up a saran wrap bag and put the bubble frosting in the bag. To make the bag, lay out a piece of plastic wrap 8" to 10" longer than your piping bag. In the middle of the piece of saran wrap, spoon on some of the frosting in a line down the middle, starting 5 to 6 inches from the end of the piece of plastic wrap. Spoon on quite a bit but up the middle leaving the 5 to 6 inches to use to tie off the ends of the saran bag. Then fold over the plastic wrap lengthwise to form a tube. Twist the ends and knot the longest end tightly. The other end, trim off and drop the plastic bag in the piping bag with the knot at the back end, away from the tip. Squeeze to move the bubble frosting into the tip. Pipe, when done piping, you can pull the bag right out and toss away.

I have the ingredients for sale on to make this frosting.

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