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Rock Hard Bath Bomb Recipe - Cherie Staton

Rock Hard Bath bomb recipe by Cheri Staton

Rock Hard Bath bombs ♥️

4 c baking soda

2 heaping tbs cream of tartar

1/3 tsp slsa

1 tbs kaolin clay

2 c citric acid

2 tbs light oil

2 tbs fo

1 tbs poly 80

Binder of choice, I use water.

Colorant of choice, I used lakes and mica. Have fun ❤️

Add sifted baking soda to the mixer. Combine other powders ( except citric acid ) and sift into the baking soda. Mix Light oil, fragrance oil and poly 80 together. Combine together with powders and mix mix mix mix until incorporated well. Add citric acid in last and mix mix mix. Form bath bombs into molds.

Video link to the how to video on facebook.

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