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Lake dyes give the best color performance in bath bomb type products. They create beautifully colored water and do not leave a mess in the tub.  What you see is what you get in the bath bomb mix.  I also use the lakes in my bubble bath, sugar scrub, lip balms and bubble scoops.  Briliant colors in all products using very little.


 Red #27 lake dye.  These are high dye lakes that arrive batch certified from the factory.  After they arrive in big drums, we rebag the lakes into 1 Pound sizes.  I am not a certified rebagger.


  Bags are a lot less expensive than jars to ship .Jars are much heavier and bulkier for shipment.  I sell the lakes in bags because it is so much cheaper to ship and keep your costs down.  I could also easily get certified as a rebagger.  I do exactly the same that the certified baggers do.  I rebag batch certified lakes (This means they are deemed pure by the FDA once already.) into bags in a very clean environment.  I also wipe down all bags with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue.  But getting all the colors retested costs a lot and raises the prices.  The way I do my thang, saves you a lot of money on the best quality lakes out there.  After I talked to the head of Colors in Washington DC a few years ago, the blends do keep their certification.  So order a blend if you want batch certified.  If you want the best lake colors, I have them for close to half price or better.  If it says I have it in stock on the website, it is already in stock and ready to ship fast.

Red #27 Lake Dye 1 Pound size

$115.20 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price

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